I'm for torture

No, I am not for torturing those who have become detainees or combatants or whatever they are calling prisoners of war this week. Heavens no! I am for torturing those who unleash spyware or adware that gets into our computers and can be quite a pain in the butt.

I have had my first encounter with spyware today and while I have a couple of scanning systems to ferret these evil bastards out, I still get a message about every 10 minutes telling me I have critical errors and need to go to such and such a Web site. And be sure to BUY their system! One might put these spyware practices into the category of both fraud and extortion. So here is what I think should happen in no particular order to those caught sending out spyware:

*Hanging by the thumbs
*Water boarding
*Placed in stocks
*Listening to amplified screams of babies
*Cut by paper
*Buried in the ground to their chin
*Made to listen to “Feelings”
*Gassed with cow flatulence
*Shocked with AA batteries
*Shot with pellets containing fire ants

And when they finish with THAT person, he or she ought to go to the slammer for a long, long time.

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