The attorney of U.S.B.S. answers questions a few blocks away

Holy moley! I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I last posted here. Well, I’ve been kind of busy with this or that.  Take a look at the picture below. I took it about three hours ago as a Uber driver was taking me back to hotel.

I didn’t see our illustrious Attorney General Jubilee Cornpone Sessions while being driven by the U.S. Capitol. I am listening to Session’s crap right now.

The jackass who is our Attorney of United States Bull S**t is being questioned by U.S. senators as I watch CNN. I will continue to listen as I begin packing for my trip back to good ol’ Texas in the morning.

If Session finally flips out and starts running down the street, a few blocks from where I sit typing, I will let you know if I see him.

Trump fires “mean ol'” FBI director Comey

What country is this?

This is a question that I just posed to my friend, Paul, who lives in Tokyo, with whom I communicate once or more times a day on What’sApp. I was referencing the news that President Donald J. Trump has just fired FBI Director James Comey for, as CNN panelists are describing as “being too mean to Hillary Clinton.” I must emphasize that this isn’t from an Onion story.

Bye Jimmy. It’s been unreal.

This doesn’t pass any smell test. It seems history is repeating itself. The historic story of which I speak is that of the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre”. This bloodless event took place on Oct. 20, 1973, when President Richard M. Nixon, who was under fire as a result of the Watergate scandal, ordered the firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Nixon ordered Attorney General Eliott Richardson to fire Cox. Richardson refused. Richardson was then fired. Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus was then ordered to fire the special prosecutor. He refused. Both Justice officials had assured a congressional oversight committee that they wouldn’t intervene in the investigation of Nixon. Solicitor General Robert Bork made no such assurances and he fired Cox. Congress, almost exactly 14 years later, rejected Bork as a Supreme Court nominee. Bork had served as a justice of the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals circuit and was nominated for the Supremes by President Ronald Reagan.

Anyone who has followed the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, should recognize that Comey has made sometimes confusing statements. And Hillary Clinton has recently said that Comey’s announcing that the FBI would look further into her e-mail probe in late October was a contributing factor in the Electoral College win by Trump even though Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.

The Justice Department said in July that Clinton would not be prosecuted for her email practices. The statement by Comey that he would look further into some email problems in Clinton’s State Department appeared to turn the tide for Trump as Republican presidential nominee. It made no difference that Comey announced just a few days before the election that Clinton had another all clear. The rest, is our sorry history.

Some people who acquire great wealth and power come to believe that they may do whatever the hell they want. It seemed that Trump has headed in that direction. Now there is no such question. Are we in for our long national nightmare II, as President Gerald R. Ford described the aftermath of the Nixon saga?

Stay strapped in because it looks our nation is in for another bumpy ride.

The shocking secret life of our American president

And you thought The Donald had some kind of animal resting upon his head? Perhaps. But this picture shows the Trump in his element. Yes, it is an ermine, a.k.a. a short-tailed weasel. Yes, keep in mind, this is a weasel. Let’s call it Donald Trump. And let the Marine Corps Band strike up the Donald’s theme song: “Pop Goes The Weasel. (Thanks to a great federal agency whose initials are NPS. But, you know, Trump f***ers, it could be just about anyone. Maybe Steve Bannon, or maybe that walking d**k Stephen Miller.)

The emperor has no sense

Looking at Facebook a moment ago I was amazed at those folks — most are much more conservative than I — who were fascinated at the long presidential press conference today.

“Have a nice freakin’ day. Big league.”

When I say “fascinated” it isn’t exactly a supportive term.

Those armchair shrinks out there who say Trump acts as if he suffers with narcissistic personality disorder might add manic depressive to their diagnoses. Holy Schamoly! That guy is bonkers. I don’t know how long, or short, the Trump presidency will be, but there is definitely enough there for one or more blockbuster flicks!

People might say I’m bonkers, but I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy. I mean, the president has some long-suffering self-esteem issues. Here he is, supposedly richer than than Midas, and Trump was elected to what many call as the most important position in the world. I suppose his life is such that the old cliche seems apt that money cannot buy you happiness. I wouldn’t need a whole lot of money to be happier, but I would not mind it either. Hey Don, why don’t we exchange places!

It would be interesting to see Trump in that show “Undercover Boss.” Although if he had has normal hairstyle and his unmistakable rambling he would fail at the undercover part.

Were it not that Trump is so arrogant and is an apparent congenital liar, with hardly an attention span — adding the danger he poses to the world — than the 45th president’s would be a story like few others. Well, it is a story like few others, only that isn’t a good thing.

What is so frustrating to me is not any particular actions so far. It is disappointing to see that so many people think he is better than a cold drink on a hot day. His supporters overlook his many shortcomings.

The fact here is that Trump lies. I could forgive him of many trespasses. But his lying and his scapegoating does not cut it. Most of all, I don’t like it that the Donald can apparently see no evil when it comes to Vladimir Putin. This is especially after Trump has treated friends of this country like they stepped on some stinking some or the other.

Then again, were Trump to quit or be removed through impeachment, we would be stuck with Mike Pence or Paul Ryan. At this stage, nothing looks like a good option for our nation.