“We’re building a wall — we’re building a wall!”

That ol’ Donal’ TRUMP! That’s how the good ol’ boys pronounce Donald Trump. They leave off the last “d” in his first name and YELL, when they say Trump.

What do you want to bet a lot of them ol’ good ol’ boys have enjoyed how Trump has been dumping on that “Mes-can” judge?

At least these folks aren’t wallowing in their hypocrisy like the GOP elite have done all day.

“Yes, Donald Trump is definitely talking like a racist. But I will still vote for him.” You can assign such talk to practically every Republican poo-bahs today.

Donald Trump has talked non-stop for a week about that judge, who we think is a Mexican but that’s okay (But there’s nothing wrong with that, as was repeated in the hilarious Seinfeld episode titled “The Outing.”) You can read the entire script here.

Now Trump says the whole subject was “misconstrued.” What does that mean? He missed the con screwed? Oh well.

This f**k-wad has done nothing other than talking all week about his civil lawsuit over Trump U., where he was allegedly screwing students (or maybe some cons, but cons don’t let other cons screw cons.) Or not.

“He’s Mexican. We’re building a wall!” “He’s Mexican. We’re building a wall.”

Build this asshole!