A cold-a** winter vacation doing nothing

The Winter Storm Warning that was finally issued for our area of Southeast Texas came but did so with little accompaniments of such a

Little visible ice but a lot of cold here in Southeast Texas.
Little visible ice but a lot of cold here in Southeast Texas.

warning. Still it did get icy enough to sufficiently slicken streets and highways. I woke up and went outside briefly, noticing the police were on the freeway with red lights and warning flares. Whether this was for a wreck or for dangerous driving, I couldn’t say.

Many friends and relatives who live north of me in East Texas had unusual, if not scenic, photos on Facebook this morning showing a carpet of snow laid down in their yards. To the South, here in Beaumont, most of the ice was barely visible such as the photo I have posted showing the sleet, snow and freezing rain that congregated at the base of the trees. Also, the windshields got a very good coating, enough so a light scraping wouldn’t get it.

One constant though was the cold. The “Weather Bug” temperature on my laptop — set to record temperatures at a nearby school — stayed below freezing most of the day. Walk out side into a little wind at 28 F and 100 percent humidity, and you got yourself a freezing-ass day.

I understand another bone-chiller will be on the way early next week when I return to work after a week of doing nothing. Ahhhh. It’s one of the best vacations ever.

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