Crazy good weather ahead. I hope it arrives soon.

The temperature has stayed at 28-29 degrees F all day. It looks as if the intermittent sleet that has fallen on and off most of the day is leaving to be followed, perhaps, by a small snowfall. This is all according to my favorite radar, that of Houston’s KHOU 11 site.

Even the Texas folks have laughed, good naturedly for the most part, as to how we shut whole cities and towns down when we even have a threat of a so-called “Icemageddon.” Last week’s similar winter storm was responsible for more than 100 car accidents in our county and at least one fatality from a slick overpass. If it took the police shutting down overpasses and the two massive bridges spanning the Sabine-Neches ship channel — the Rainbow and Veterans Memorial bridges — to save life and limb, so be it.

I have seen much worse winter storms in Texas, specifically East and Southeast Texas, from where I hail as does actor Jim Parsons’ character Dr. Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory.” The reference is made due to Houston-native Parsons does a great job in calling out his TV detractors who confuse his geographical heritage with that of other parts of the Lone Star State.
If nothing else I took a nice nap this afternoon and dreamed of a long time ago when I was younger and did not feel as if I should shriek in agony from the weather-induced arthritic pain. My knee has been hurting like hell the last two days. I say it’s arthritis. I can’t be sure. Perhaps it is arthritic pain along with a muscle injury from a fall I took several weeks ago. Who the hell knows/No matter though. i understand the weather calls for a high of near 70 degrees on Saturday. That sounds crazy, I know. It’s crazy freaking fine.