A matter of (anti)trust

Once upon a time something existed called monopolies. Then anti-trust laws were enacted and enforced to break up monopolies. Remember Ma Bell? Well, apparently no one remembers this anymore. Big companies, big gigantic, enormous, all consuming humongus, freaking companies now rule the world. Forget the Red Scare, we all have been made subservient to large corporations. Time Warner is a good example. Now I have always liked Time magazine and Warner Bros. films and CNN but the company is just out of control. And my cable and Internet company, Time Warner Cable, does have a monopoly in my city.

As I mentioned yesterday I have had problems with my so-called “high-speed” Internet Roadrunner service. It’s not high-speed and it just quits working for large portions of the day. And the company says they will send a repair person out 1) when hell freezes over 2)whenever they like 3)never, may you rot in hell 4)when you decide you no longer want the company’s services. Take your pick.

Well, I guess I don’t need Internet service anyway, huh? I’m just a writer. I can get out that old Smith-Corona and pound out hard copy draft after hard copy draft and send it by the U.S. Mail. I’ll surely be competing in the market place that way.

It is funny when politicians talk about the importance of small businesses. It’s funny sad, not funny ha, ha. Actually, it’s not funny at all. The politicians are all talking through their asses because they don’t give a s**t about small businesses. They care about the meglacorps like Time Warner. Who can’t get off their asses and make my Internet service work like it should. I suppose they are too busy raising funds for their PACs. Oh well. It’s not like I’m cynical.

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