A presidential vision: more top bananas

Why not Cooter?

It appears that former U.S. Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson, who plays the district attorney on “Law and Order,” will seek the GOP presidential nomination. Why not? The more, the merrier.

Thompson actually has some experience in Congress so there’s that. Nonetheless, he joins a crowded field of some of the least exciting politicians (on both sides of the aisle)since the Ross Perot/James Stockdale ticket. Thompson isn’t exactly greased lightning himself.

It seems only fair that since the Republicans are going to have an actor in the race, then perhaps the Democrats should as well. So who could they pick?

Well, Ben Jones, who played Cooter on the “Dukes of Hazard” is probably available. He was a democratic congressman from Georgia from 1989-93. Also during that era, some of Iowa’s voters sent Fred Grandy, “The Love Boat’s” Gopher, to the U.S. House as a Republican although he failed in a bid for governor of that state. Isn’t the political world hilarious?

If you go with present-day actors, then Martin Sheen and Geena Davis should be considered because they have experience playing president on television. I would like to see Martin Sheen elected president just because of all the crap that his son, Charlie Sheen, might get into. That would be a journalist’s dream.

Actually, if both sides dressed up a pair of chimpanzees and ran them against each other, they would provide more excitement and vision than all those who are in the hunt for president at the present. Hell, you wouldn’t even have to dress them up.


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