Beaumont fix these damned computers!!!

Attention somebody. I just spent about an hour on a post in which I put a lot of heart and emotion into. Then this stupid Internet Explorer error message happens and even though I have this little yellow bubble on my blog’s dashboard telling me that Blogger saves my drafts automatically, that does not appear to be the case.

I don’t know who is responsible for not fixing the computer system at the Beaumont Public Library, but I wish whomever it is would do something. Or maybe our city manager can stop thinking about tearing down the existing buildings along the river to build the Ritz-Carlton long enough to take action. The library needs a better computer system and new computers.

Although I am almost certain the new mayor, Becky Ames, or anyone in the Beaumont municipal government for that matter reads this lil ol’ blog. But if they do, I beseech them to do something. Your library computers suck. I am sorry for being ineloquent but that is about is as blunt as I can put it.

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