A rude awakening

A good antidote to spending an evening at work is a nap. Or maybe it isn’t I don’t know and I won’t know, at least in the short term. That is because a phone call on my iPhone awakened me just awhile ago with an apparently excited and definitely fast-talking man saying Ted Cruz needs money to fight Obamacare. Yeah, Ted. I got my checkbook on my desk … There it will stay, unopened, at least for anyone or anything associated with Ted Cruz. That is, unless the call wants a donation to defeat Ted Cruz, or run Ted Cruz out of Texas and back to Canada, or at least as far as Ok-la-homa.

To make matters worse this robocall was made on a supposed “Do Not Call” registry phone. It seems a lot of people don’t know that or choose to ignore it. I have received more and more unsolicited phone calls as of late. This started when I was furloughed from my job. That, of course, is the absolute best time to call someone to ask for money.

The call on Cruz’s behalf came from the Restore America’s Voice PAC. The link is to OpenSecrets.org. It has information that has been filed, so far, for the 2014 election cycle to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Some 362 individual contributions over $200 received by the PAC, whose treasurer is located in Stafford, Texas. Stafford is located in Harris and Fort Bend counties, in other words, a Houston suburb. Those of you familiar with the area may take that fact for what it is worth.

I have filed a complaint with the Do Not Call registry and am pondering a complaint with the FEC, for all the good it will do me. I can easily look up the phone numbers of those 362 donors, though not listed in the OpenSecrets.org information. I am pretty good at finding phone numbers. I have even improved my methods since leaving my job as a full-time reporter. So maybe I should find some of those numbers and call them during times they might be setting down for the evening meal or perhaps when they are asleep and say:

“This is the Committee to Run Ted Cruz Out of Texas and All┬áThe Way Back to Canada At Least As Far as Oklahoma Ted Cruz is a weaselly-little ambulance chaser or corporate attorney not that there is anything wrong with that and needs to go back to the country where he was born because we need a real American for president and U.S. Senator from Texas and not someone from Alberta that’s in Canada So send me all your money NOW NOW NOW!!! Paid for by the Committee to Run Ted Cruz Out of Texas and All The Way Back to Canada At Least As Far as Oklahoma.”

Except I can’t talk that damned fast. Maybe I will just ignore it.