A tale of two windbags

Newt got cold-cocked in last night’s debate. I was happy to see that even though I halfway hope he wins the nomination because I feel the whole universe would see just how despicable and ridiculous this whiter-than-white man really is. And of course, if you are expecting Newt to beat the incumbent president, you are three off-ramps past delusional.

Timothy Egan, political columnist for The New York Times, does a masterful job of “deconstructing a demagogue” which is Newt Gingrich. That Newt, what a piece of work.

Arizona guv: Tongue-wagging, finger-wagging windbag

How is that for a description of Jan Brewer and her encounter with POTUS after Air Force One landed outside Phoenix? The photo showing Brewer pointing her finger at Obama got a lot of words today and is apparently boosting her book sales. Obviously, a lot of drama queen exists inside the right-wing Arizona governor. First she told the media she was intimidated by Obama and later she chalked up the finger-pointing episode to her natural gesticulating.

Maybe the governor is just an animated person. But we’re talking the President of the United States here. Show some respect for office if not the man, for God’s sake!

There were a few times when, working as a reporter, I was within hearing distance — using the word “earshot” might get me a visit from the Men in Black — of President George W. Bush. Now if you read this blog with even slight regularity when Bush was in office, you will surely know I was not his biggest fan. That is really an understatement. Nevertheless, I once sat three rows behind him in a small chapel during an Easter service then I joined a hungry pack of reporters who gathered as he answered a few questions after the service. I never had the chance to ask him a question at the two or three times I covered press gatherings involving the president. (I did speak to him one-on-one before he was Texas governor.) If I had the opportunity I certainly would have asked him my question with respect. That is even though my basic instinct was wanting to shout the word “a**hole” at him.

Of course, there was my job — and future ones — that would have precluded me from shouting a dirty word at him. I guess you don’t have to worry about getting fired, for awhile at least, when you hold elective office. Even so, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, thus spake Aretha. It’s just common decency, manners. People don’t seem to care about that anymore, especially a lot of those who are so self-absorbed in their own business and private lives. Someone needs to send those people for a time out — like that baby in the E-trade commercials — without their computers or iPhones or Blackberry.

Governor Brewer, go to your room!