A weekend at home with a big dog named Weenie

My weekend was once again spent at McFaddin Beach on the uppermost Texas Gulf Coast. If you have to be homeless, there are many worse places you could find yourself. Only a few people populated the vast strip for the four or five miles of the beach past Sea Rim State Park. Thus, it was mostly quiet and the weather was very pleasant (although a bit windy.)

A secluded strech of beach such as McFaddin belongs to the people, so I would suppose that just for the weekend there I really did have a home.

I talked with an interesting German couple there on Sunday. They were walking the beach with their gigantic Newfoundland dog with the magnificently inapt name of “Weenie.” The huge canine ran up and licked my hand just as if I had been and old friend or new cat burglar. Uh oh. Andy Rooney moment. Did you ever wonder why there are cat burglars but no dog burglars? Sorry. I didn’t sleep too well last night and am a bit drowsy. So, I leave you be for a wonderful remainder of the day. Sleep tight and don’t let the cat burglars bite.

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