Time out for some commentary

Gee Dubya does his Bill Clinton imitation by appearing before a group of African-Americans.

Allow me to escape the current misery in my life on the streets. What better way to forget about your personal problems than think about those of our country or world at large.

Our president, Mr. Gee Dubya, has said that all the talk concerning his hell-bent desire to attack Iran is just “noise.

So perhaps Compound Shrub Dubya isn’t doing all the talking about turning Iran into a pile of dust. But his surrogates are. It seems like each time you hear a Dubya Tru Bee Lever talking, the conversation gets around to those bad, bad Iranians. So they are supplying implements of destruction which may harm our troops? That’s not good, certainly. But it isn’t like the U.S. has never supplied weapons and other lethal hardware to warring countries. Sometimes that includes selling weapons to nations which eventually fight our own allies. Remember the Argentine cruiser the General Belgrano that a UK submarine sank during the Falklands War? Guess that ship’s name before it entered the service of the Argentine Navy? Give up? It was the U.S.S. Phoenix. U.S.S. meaning “United States Ship.”

This is not to say we should encourage Iran to supply products to kill our troops. These weapons should be stopped from entering Iraq. But let’s not use the weapons business as an excuse to declare war on Iran. That excuse would be just as flimsy as saying the U.S. invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had a s**t pile of weapons of mass destruction. And we surely wouldn’t unleash our military might on such lightweight excuses, would we?

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