A winter pain

Weather service forecasts predict a 20 percent probability of sleet/rain on Thursday night in North Central Texas as a strong cold front rolls its way across the plains like a pack of drunken Vikings. (What’s in your wallet?) Whether it actually snows/ices/sleets/pours/whatever is always a big if in Texas. I once likened predicting winter storms in Texas to teaching cats to line dance. Or something of the sort.

But no doubt it will get cold. I can feel it in my bones. Well, not really in my bones but rather somewhere within the mass of my upper musceloskeletal system. I always thought it was an old wives’ tale that one could predict weather changes through arthritic pain. I found out that maybe it isn’t. I have never had the phenomenon explained to my satisfaction. I do know in my case, if a low-pressure center is somewhere in the same hemisphere, I hurt even worse than normal. This usually happens with Arctic cold fronts, and it also happened prior to and during Hurricane Rita’s arrival in Southeast Texas.

I don’t see much good in being able to predict the weather through pain. If I could make money off of it I would. But short of betting on the weather, I think I am pain rich and money poor.

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