A word before that cold ass operating table …

Tomorrow morning at 8:15 I will undergo surgery to have my torn knee meniscus cartilage repaired. I have been through an ordeal over the past two or three months dealing with some significant pain as well as experiencing some unwelcome foot-dragging between my surgery clinic and worker’s compensation folks.

I, for one, am happy to get this done. Well, not really happy. But you know what I mean.

Today has been a total pain in the ass dealing with my work’s computer help desk in Washington. Those people are just unbelievable. I know most computer call centers are a blight on all mankind — whoa, I guess that’s a bit harsh. Need I just say I am glad my workday is now over.

Hopefully, all will go well with the surgery. I always worry a little, and I think it is prudent to have a little concern, to undergo general anesthesia. I suppose as long  as I wake up with no major problems then everything will be cool.

So until later, ta.

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