Quick and woozy

My concentration is pretty much shot after taking two Vicodin a short while ago. I have taken a couple of other such Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen tablets today in efforts to relieve my post-operative knee pain.

The surgery went well, as far as I can tell. I can still walk. Yea! Although, my knee — all wrapped up in an Velcro-elastic bandage — is awful sore today. This isn’t unexpected although the knee felt pretty good all of yesterday. I replaced the bloody dressing from yesterday with band aids over the the three little punctures in the skin, two of which showed tiny stitches. It was certainly a quick operation. I remember myself nodding out just after my brother Billy,  who drove me to the clinic and home, left for the waiting room. I have to say I was glad my brother was there to help keep my mind occupied instead of worrying whether some kind of mishap might befall me while I lay in a very brief medically-induced coma.

I woke and I remember a flash view of the nurse taking the breathing tube away. That isn’t to say I remember the tube being removed from my throat, just taken. Each time I have had surgery, the recovery always seems to remind me of Dorothy waking up in her on bed after her wild haloucinogenic trip to Oz. And you were there, and you were there too Toto!

The doctor said the surgery took only 10 minutes or so. I kind of find that hard to believe from what I have read about an arthroscopic meniscetomy. Maybe 15-to-30 minutes but 10? Nevertheless, I am a bit lethargic with somewhat of a wooze factor. So, I’ll keep it short, shorty.