An interesting tale, but until then …

Oh I will have an interesting tale to tell, maybe. It’s just been a(n), interesting maybe, day. I could give snippets, but I won’t.

On another front, I stayed up late in my hotel room in Houston last night watching the movie “Capote.” Phillip Seymour Hoffman was excellent as the effeminate, brilliant writer. If you have not seen it, the movie focuses on his pursuit of the story which led to the novel-like non-fiction book “In Cold Blood.” I had forgotten or perhaps didn’t know Capote was assisted in his research of the Clutter Family murders in Kansas by Nelle Harper Lee, who had just finished “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

I guess Capote may have been difficult to take for some but “In Cold Blood” was one of the first of what became an overloaded genre of “True Crime” stories. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see a depiction of how Capote went about researching and writing this masterpiece of modern non-fiction, with (plenty of) blemishes and all.