Pat Robertson: A Tebow kind of love makes the old fool pine for Peyton Manning injury

Now, I am a nice guy. I don’t normally go around lambasting the elderly, especially when they are famous TV preachers. But no way around it, Pat Robertson is a doddering old fool. Perhaps that is too harsh of a description but Robertson has certainly shown signs of “foot-in-mouth” disease over the years. The latest gaffe has Robertson opining that if Peyton Manning were to receive an injury while playing for the Denver Broncos, “it would serve him right.”

"Be gone ye workers of iniquity!" exclaims a helmetless Tim Tebow.


This is, of course, aimed at the Broncos and Manning because of the apparent done-deal trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner is a devout Christian who, despite his good works, rubs so many people the wrong way with his sound-bite proselytizing that it has earned him the not-so-precious nickname “LBJ a.k.a. Little Baby Jesus.” Tebow also has spawned a national fad among Christians and smart-alecs alike by “Tebowing,” the name for the one-knee prayer of thanks Tebow offers after touchdowns. The act has been mocked through photo editing and You Tube displays where one performs Tebowing under odd or even mundane circumstances.

The context under which Robertson apparently made his ridiculous comment was in examining why Timmy was thrown to the wolves of New York, which is Peyton Manning’s past injuries. Manning had at least three cervical spine surgeries which kept him out of action at Indianapolis last season — destroying the Colts’ season — and his subsequent trading to Denver.

If Preacher Pat is true to form, I should keep a look out for an apology or “clarification” later today. Good ol’ Pat Robertson. Always good for a stupid remark.

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