And I would like to thank those pork chops and mustard greens

I’d like to thank my producer and my director and all the “little” people … Amazingly enough I watched a sufficient amount of the Academy Awards last evening. It was sufficent enough to ask myself why? Why do I ever watch such lunacy. I didn’t watch any of the presentations but I sat through what seemed like the entire geological timetable as Oscar nominees or those who had something to do with the movie business uttered some complete nonsense. Then I saw a little of the monologue by host Ellen DeGeneres. She is a good comedienne but whomever wrote her material should be subjected to a video in a locked room of last night’s Oscars, over and over and over. You say you want cruel and unusual punishment??

Those of you, the two or three of you, who follow this blog on a semi-regular basis may wonder how this person who lives in his truck managed to watch the Oscars? Does he have a teevee in his truck now? Well actually, no, but it isn’t a bad idea. In reality, I was cat-sitting this weekend for my friend Sarah who was out of town. Mango, the cat, doesn’t really need sitting unless you fear that your cat will sleep itself to the hereafter. But I enjoyed the weekend of quiet and life as lived by those who have a roof over their heads. It really helped recharge the old batteries and gave my d spine a chance to straighten itself out.

For lunch, I ran into a fellow homeless chum and we had lunch at Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Beaumont. It was just super — Fried pork chops, rice and navy beans, corn bread and mustard greens. Ah, is this living or what? Thanks to those folks there who help the needy eat in a very satisfying manner.

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