Another bad idea and not at all my color

Sometimes you just forget how bad an idea is a drunken woman with any kind of instrument for obnoxiousness — fingernail polish, for instance. Before I could say no my right pinkie was painted a terrifying bright pink. And before I could say: “What the hell did you do that for?” she had moved on to a completely different subject and thus I forgot that fingernail polish has a tendency to stay on one’s finger for awhile. So, I wore a Band Aid on my pinkie today. I still have it on. Yeah, no balls no blue chip. But people don’t want their federal government servants gussied up like one-tenth of a two-dollar whore. A long enough story short: That is why I am in possession in my grocery bag of a bottle of nail polish remover. It is most certainly a good idea and antidote to a bad idea.

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