Oh woe be gone for the always right right

There are effectively no good times to listen to the trash that is known as “talk radio.” But if one was to listen to it, these days are perhaps among the best. The right wing which owns talk radio is in enormous funk these days because their man Mitt Romney was losing the Republican nomination to John McCain. Apparently, losing is no more as “lost” is more the operative word since Der Mitt decided to drop out.

The right wing radio reprobates have tried to look brave while they pout over what was not to have ever been. They actually are like spoiled children in that they had this false hope in what seems now to have been so long ago that the conservative GOP would have the “permanent majority” their messiah Karl Rove had hoped to construct.

But a big problem exists within the construct to construct: Nothing lives forever, especially in politics. The rightists should be happy they will have a GOP candidate at all. Who knows? They might not, or at least may not field a candidate for the entire party. A lot can happen between now and the election.

There was one thing I heard Rush Sleazeball say today that is correct. That is the Republicans better not put all their chips on Billary. They have been campaigning against her (them) from the start. But what if the nominee is the Big Black Barack Attack? Hey, that would be a heck of a campaign slogan, or at least part of one. It’s kind of ethnic but what the hell. It’s not like anyone doesn’t know that Obama is — really — an African-American.

How about this: Watch Your White GOP Hiney: Here Comes the Big Black Barrack Attack! Hmm, not really warm and fuzzy is it?

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