Another lone nut? Inspired by Rush and others?

Another lone nut? If this You Tube is still up by the time you read this, you be the judge.

The rambling statement rails against the government controlling grammar and how the U.S. currency needs to be backed by gold. Jared Lee Loughner, who authorities say is 22, is reportedly in custody for a shooting spree in a Tucson Safeway parking lot this morning that has as of now killed five and wounded more than a dozen. Among those shot, Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords of Tucson. The dead include federal judge John Roll.

Loughner, on the You Tube posting, begins with “My Final Thoughts: Jared Lee Loughner.” Sounds as if he expected the goofy statement to be his last on Earth. Surprise! He was arrested. If this person committed this heinous act and is convicted, perhaps he will eventually get his wishes.

Loughner writes as if he was or is in the military and is anti-God. Although I am not Atheist, it seems such actions would give Atheists a bad name. One can only wonder if all the craziness spurred by the nastiness in politics contributed to this tragedy, especially with the vile words which flow each day from people such as the extreme right wing radio jerks.

My good thoughts go out to Rep. Giffords, the other injured and the families of those who died.