Are you ready for this? How do you spell dis-ap-point-ment?

Oh my, what a day. I won’t go into detail. It involved two nights of bad sleeping. A messed-up schedule and a bit of methadone withdrawal from running out of my prescription about two days earlier.. That’s fixed now and back on track, or so I hope. I can’t complain about this weather. Our high was around 83 due to rain clouds hovering. Mr. Greg on the local Channel 6 weather says rain will be around all week. I trust him, for the most part, about as much as you can a TV weather guy that’s been around for 30 years. Still. I don’t have a problem with rainy week in the middle of July in Southeast Texas. Are you freaking kidding me? Who wouldn’t love 80-degree temps, 78 right¬† now? And the rain, it’s not even of tropical origin. Yes, yes and some mo’ yes.

I got to cook something before I give out. Chicken-something.¬† I just wanted to explain why I had nothing interesting or entertaining to write this afternoon. I am sure many will not care. It isn’t like I am a lock on writing something that will float your boat or comb your hare. But, hey, I have to write something. It’s my thing. This is it for today, friends and neighbors



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