Polls, e-mailing for dollars: Insanity in the living room of the disenfranchised

Polls for the 2012 presidential race make me want to chop wood. Well, that is figuratively speaking. It has been a long time since I chopped any wood and if I have it my way it will be even longer before I do it again.

It’s just that polls drive me crazy or more accurately the stories written about polls drive me nuts. Take today, for instance. Here is a snapshot of “Polls Obama” on Google News, my trusty aggregator:

President Obama, Romney Tied in Latest Washington Post-ABC Poll

Poll of Polls: Obama ahead of Romney, but slightly

Poll: Obama has 8-point lead over Romney in Va.

Obama, Mitt Romney Deadlocked In Race, Poll  Finds

And so forth.

Yes, it is partly the Internet’s fault and my fault if this variety of polling results makes me a bit on the looney side. The Internet is a showcase for tons of news and partisan sites showing everything from the national take down to a precinct in Intercourse, Pa. It is my fault that I read these stories or at least the headlines and the lead.

Such variety of polls are, of course, nirvana for political junkies. To the serious political junkie putting all these pieces together into some electoral context is a Karl Rove-ish version of the board game “Risk.”

But here Schmoe is, that would be me, just trying to figure out where things stand overall. That is so because every freaking precinct in every freaking state isn’t of vital strategic importance when it comes to the Electoral College. Where I live is a good example. Yes, I live in one of the areas of Texas that has voted traditionally Democrat. Like elsewhere in this wonderful state with its misguided voters though, the Republicans are pushing their way in and trying to root out all the old Yellow Dogs, like me. Since Shrub Bush was first elected I have felt disenfranchised for pretty much every race above ticket of county judge. My vote for president means nothing.

My pocketbook is another story. Well, not my  pocketbook. A guy asked me last week if he could borrow $10. I told him I don’t know ten people with a dollar. Or two people with a $5 bill either. Oh, I know you probably get tired of this, I certainly do, but you can go right here on this link and I can tell you how to send me money. I am in the process of putting a PayPal button on my blog for donations, but I am having a problem getting it up and running. How would your money be used? Oh, for things like … living. Times are harder than they’ve been in a long time and if you appreciate what you read here sometimes, even if you don’t appreciate it, you can go right here and I can tell you how to send me your money.

Obama’s people are wearing off on me, I suppose. Some of the e-mails I receive from the Obamas, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Joe Biden and George Clooney — they aren’t personal e-mails mind you — you would think Barack, Michelle and the girls are sitting in a dimly-lit White House making do another week on Beenie Weeniess and Shasta. And they always ask for another $3. “Just $3 more, Dick, and we can beat that old Republican money machine this month.” I doubt it. I doubt it because the Dems are always pleading poverty.

I’m glad I didn’t sign up for e-mail from the Romney people. Everybody wanting my money you would think I am Warren “Jimmy” Buffett.

But I am serious. Go here so you can send me $3. Just $3. A $3 bill. No don’t do that. I don’t need the Secret Service folks messing around here. But anything, a can of Beenie Weenies and a Shasta, even. No don’t do that. I’d hate to see Sasha and Malia go to bed hungry.


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