At least I think this was the bar

Sadly, not an unfamiliar sight in downtown Cameron, La.
Back in January I got a week of comp time off from the job I had then and decided to go somewhere completely different. Since I then lived in Waco, that would have been anywhere. But I chose among my destinations Cameron, La. Why? I had never been on that particular stretch of the Gulf coast.

Although my accommodations that night were not very comfortable I nonetheless had a good time the one afternoon I spent in Cameron. I found this little bar downtown that was populated with colorful old Cajun guys and what I thought at the time might be the town’s one good looking woman.

This afternoon I went back to Cameron. I was down there sort of on assignment, well I guess if the publication buys my story it will have been on assignment. Anyway, I think the photo above is of the bar I had such a good time in back in January. I have seen a lot of damage from Hurricane Rita over the past two months. After all, I live in a town that was hit hard by the storm. But Cameron is just, well, destroyed. I’m still sorting out my feelings about all the damage I saw today. It was a mighty bad wind.

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