Attempting to make chicken salad …

… out of chicken s**t.

My palsy, no matter how slight, doesn’t gel well taking a quick snapshot with my little digital camera. So, part of the photo is blur effect with InfanView but most is my horrible original. Nonetheless, it perhaps gives a view of what the girl saw — if she saw anything — when the paramedics took her to the hospital.

First of all, yes, I’m still living in the damn motel. But at least it isn’t always dull here.

Opinions vary as to how the girl got here and why. But the reason she was carted away appeared to be some kind of OD, or “That would be my guess,” said a paramedic as he was about to take the girl away.

When I first saw her on the stretcher I thought she was one of the little niños who run around the driveway at all hours of the night. I keep worrying some ano estúpido will come barreling around the driveway and hit one of them.

But this was, according to witnesses, a 16-year-old girl. A guy, 30ish or 40ish maybe, in a pickup truck said he picked her up across the street at the store where he, allegedly, said he found out that she lived here at the motel. My neighbors said the girl was “out of it” and one of my Homes told me he called the police because she appeared to be barely breathing. Whether the story of the guy who picked her up actually picked her up at the store across the street and drove her here while she traveled into some sort of semi-to-un-conscious state, remains to be seen. One has to think of human behavior and how someone acts in such a situation. That, and the fact that people both young and old are out on the streets in various parts of this area doing whatever and whomever if you get my drift, and you have reasonable doubt.

But I have little doubt she will be out of the hospital, probably by about sun-up, feeling like she got into a rumble with a sack of s**t and the sack busted.

Live and learn. That is, provided you live at all.

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