Happy Columbo Day weekend!

Hidee Ho! It’s Friday and it seems really strange working a 40 hour week. But that is what I am doing this week on my part-time job. I would like to say I have nothing profound to say, but that would be a lie since I am a walking-talking-shaking nuclear time bomb of profundity. Sez who? Nonetheless, I must finish up with work matters, grab my tin helmet, lunch pail and Thermos then head for home where I know the Mrs. will have me a great, home-cooked meal awaiting but not before she has brought me a couple of my favorite cocktails. If you know me, you know all of the above (except for working 40 hours) is total bulls**t. So who says I can’t have a little fun once in awhile?

Da ta, or data. Have a nice weekend. And if you are a federal employee like me, albeit I am part-time, enjoy your 3-day Columbus Day weekend.

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