Back in bidness

Here it is Tuesday and I feel so much luckier than many. My power came on Sunday night. Cable came in on and off last night, and is now running. Internet appeared today. And after standing in line at the post office for three days running I had home mail delivery just a few minutes ago. It’s just like living a normal life here in post-Rita Beaumont, Texas, except for the fact that every day kind of feels like Sunday. Few restaurants are open. Only two grocery stores, not much for a town of 110,000. But then again, a lot of folks haven’t come back from evacuation.

The photo is one FEMA (who are back in my good graces when they showed me the money)took Sunday of the Elks Club in Beaumont burning after power was restored.

I got back to town Saturday afternoon. I really had expected more damage. Oh, there is plenty of damage. Trees are down just about everywhere. It’s kind of like in East Texas where I rode out the storm, probably worse because there are more structures. Some homes are roofless and some are smashed. Something else that is strange, a couple of the flood-prone overpasses and the heart of downtown Beaumont by the Neches River all smell like the sea. Most assuredly it is from storm surge.

Among the big bummers is the dusk to dawn curfew, not that there is anywhere in particular to go at night. I’m just glad Lucky’s liquor was open.

Those are a few thoughts for now. I pitched a story successfully to the metro paper I work with occasionally, so I have got to go check out a news conference. So far, all’s well in Beaumont.

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