Sometimes you just gotta rant

Perhaps more exists under the sun that can either piss me off or potentially piss me off than I care to acknowledge. That is why I always try — not always successfully — not to use this forum as a rant-o-rama. But what I saw at Kroger this afternoon …

The one big grocery store in town that is open. More folks are beginning to come back into Beaumont from their hurricane exile, I suppose, because K-Roger was packed. Three U-Scan machines were operable. One was being used by this couple who had a veritable shopping cart full of groceries in what is supposed to be 1-to-15 Item Land. The woman was just taking her sweet time, gingerly running each item over the scanner. I wanted to shake her like she was a can of paint. I ended up having my groceries scanned by the U-Scan attendant, whom I told, pointing at the infuriating couple:

“I don’t know whether to laugh or go postal.”

Obviously, I did neither.

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