Back in the saddle again

Welcome back. I say that I know not why other than the fact I finally have a laptop on which to bang upon. Well, not literally bang upon. I’ve grown rather tired of paying for new laptops although it is a fact that I needed a new laptop and not merely wanted one. I neither needed nor particularly wanted a new smart phone — I have had one for a week now — although the net cost per month will not be exceedingly more. Plus, in the past week or so I was growing weary of lacking a computer. The iPhone did in a pinch.

Staying home with little to do on vacation time and with fewer resources to do nothing I have come to realize that I need to once again make money as a writer. It has been too long that I have done so and even though my part-time job takes up nearly as many hours as a full-time one a differential in pay does exist.

If, in the future that you find me spending less time here, it certainly does’t mean that I don’t love you anymore. Or any less. Although, I don’t suppose I could have spent much less time here in the past couple of weeks.

Best of luck to all my friends in the northeast where Sandy is howling down upon that area!

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