Sick, sick, sick of it

Bill Clinton was in town last night but he didn’t stop by to see me. The former president did mix and mingle with about 3,500 folks at the Lamar University baseball field, according to local media reports. The visit wasn’t about the presidential race though. Clinton was here to get out votes for Democrat Nick Lampson who is running in the Texas 14th Congressional District contest.

If you’ve read this blog before you might have heard of Lampson. He is the former county tax assessor-collector here in Jefferson County and served twice in Congress. Twice the Democrat has served in Congress, once representing the district that had long been held by the infamous dancing crook Tom DeLay.

┬áLampson is in what some polls show as a dead-heat right now, much like polls that characterize the presidential race in the same manner. I don’t like it, these close-as-cousin races. I used to like the excitement of a close race as long as it was for candidates with whom I had a marginal relationship. I also don’t mind my favorite football teams playing close, at least until they gear up for a comeback.

I’ve grown tired of the closeness, or at least perceived closeness of this presidential election. It’s non-stop election everywhere you look on cable and very few humorous TV commercials are presented, showing that we have become a nation that has lost its humor as well as its mind (I’m refer to a recent propensity over the years of electing dunderheaded Republicans to high office.)

Yes, I t hink I can finally say that I am sick and tired of this s**t. I will leave the letters blanked even though I think the president deserves to call a bullshitter a bullshitter every now and then! Oh and spare me the outrage you self-righteous sons of bitches. Yeah, I talk to you Ari Fleshier! Ari was noting his disdain for the president’s off-color remark while the illustrious VP with whom Ari dropped the “F-bomb” on a distinguished U.S. Senator on the Senate floor. So there!

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