Better than counting sheep

For the time being, at least, I’ve installed a counter at the bottom of my blog. I don’t know how good these things are at measuring traffic. But it’s something to do. It is kind of like the highway department counting traffic.

“Yep. That’s 20,140. Yep. That’s 20,141. Yep. That’s 20,142 … “

But like the dog chasing the car, what does the highway department do with the traffic count? They make maps. And charts. And they come up with ideas of what kind of road they would build at that specific location if only they had the money — which they don’t.

What will I get from the counter? Who knows. It says I’ve had 7 visitors in the past 24 hours. That’s reassuring. Somehow. Maybe I will build a better blog using this information. Maybe I will just stay in bed.

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