Black president=black helicopters?– Paul Ryan. Faster than Al Gore. Slower than J. Edwards and Sarah Palin.

Yes, the Democratic National Convention is this week and I probably will watch some of the speeches. Specifically, I intend to listen to President Obama accept his nomination. What we expect is that he will lay out his socialist agenda since there aren’t any rich Democrats to object. He also will speak of how he plans to help out certain aircraft producers such as Sikorsky — it’s got a Ukrainian name of course and its founder was born in the Russian Empire, where else? — the producer of the Black Hawk.  While the Black Hawk has long been the modern military’s work horse helo it also has long been used in clandestine missions for agencies such as Customs and Border Protection and the DEA. The black choppers from a black president, of course, will pave the way for the great takeover of the United States by the United Nations. After a second term begins for our first Kenyan-Kansan president Obama will send for the different nations to start patrolling the streets to finally make that “New World Order” — most recently associated with former President George H.W. Bush — come true. This will be reminiscent of the days under President Sonofabush when airmen from 13 different NATO nations flew patrols above the United States after 9/11. Among those nations were those sneaky Canadians and our former foe from two world wars, the Jerrys, who were scouting out the best places for a Führerbunker during their AWACS flights over Lubbock County, Texas.

Ah yes, Obama, that Kenyan-Hawaiian-Indonesian-Hawaiian — Wherevermerican– is a clever one!

But let’s get back to reality a minute. Last week U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for vice president, made news for his super-duper marathon time. He said it was “Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something.” Not so fast Mr. Veep Nominee. “El mentiroso es capturado antes que el lisiado,” or something like the Spanish proverb,”The liar is sooner caught than the cripple.” Es decir, if Ryan ever finds himself cripple he’ll be in S**t City.

What is really sad about Ryan’s little white boast, bald-face lie is that he actually had a slower marathon time than former Democratic VP candidate John Edwards, but was also bested two seconds by SARAH PALIN! OMG!!!!


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