Blame this post on Bill Clinton

The GOP plans to blame miscues in governing the country on Bush 41 if the tactic of blaming Bill Clinton fails.

Who is to blame for the current crisis with North Korea? If you believe the Republican robo-talking points, it’s Bill Clinton. In fact, Bill Clinton seems to be the easiest target on which to shift blame when something is amiss in the U.S. Who started the War Between the States? Bill Clinton. Who caused the Hindenburg Disaster? Bill Clinton. Who caused the Great Chicago Fire? Bill Clinton. Who did Monica Lewinsky … oh, that really was Bill Clinton.

It is somewhat astounding that the GOP would use as a scapegoat for virtually any failure the U.S. faces a president who has not been in office for more than six years. It’s like the smug Bush “W” bumper sticker that says: “Get over it!” Perhaps people should keep in mind that what has occurred in relation to our country since 2000 took place under Bush’s “watch.” So get over it.

The hard core, right-wing gab machines are among the most prolific users of Bill Clinton — the excuse. I refer to Limberger, Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly and the others who have made their fortunes in the Clinton-bashing business.

Interestingly enough, it seems some of the right-wing radio twits have begun to criticize Gee Dubya for some of our problems. I’m sure if a solid Democratic majority comes to power this year and after the next presidential election, one might see a lot more right-wing talking asses join the bandwagon. After all, you got to follow the money, right?

Are Americans smart enough to realize they have been played like a worn-out fiddle by the GOP for some time now? One can only hope. But then again, Americans elected Bush and the Republican majority now in Congress. Maybe voters have learned their lessons. But we shall see.

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