"Oh the humanity"

It is downright amazing to where a wandering mind may lead. If you are on the Internets, your mind can take to just about anywhere or anything. For instance: I thought about novelty songs. This led to a list of the top 10 novelty songs. I didn’t necessarily agree with the list in that these songs were worthy of the top 10. So I found another list of the 100 greatest novelty songs.

Now it is very difficult to think about this list of the 100 greatest novelty songs without thinking about the songs themselves. “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haa,” by Napoleon XIV is at the top of that list and I also disagree that it should top the list. But it definitely is a novelty song. I remember once when I lived in Longview, Texas, a radio station in that area played this song over and over for something like 24 hours straight. I suppose that qualifies as a bonafide radio stunt but it didn’t particularly inspire me to listen to the station for more than half of the song.

Next my mind veered off course like a drunken ship’s captain onto the subject of radio stunts in general. About.com has a decent list of radio stunts. I read awhile ago about one of the jokes on that list. It involved the co-host of a Spanish-language morning show in Miami calling Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, pretending to be Cuban President, Fidel Castro. That’s definitely funnier than the old “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” prank. Okay, if you don’t get the reference, it has to do with Prince Albert tobacco that was packaged in a tin. It may still be, I have no idea nor do I care to look it up on the Web because I have wasted way too much time today. Back to the Prince Albert prank, a kid would call up a grocery store and ask if they had Prince Albert in a can. If the store employee answered in the affirmative, the prankster would say: “Well you better let him out.” A lot of wasted words there for little effect. And I almost forgot the point to all of this.

Thoughts about radio stunts next plunged my wandering mind down a mountainside to my final tangent. That tangent was the best radio stunt ever which was not real. I refer to the classic “Thanksgiving Turkey Drop” on “WKRP in Cincinnati.” I found a clip of it on You Tube and for some reason I am not able to post it to my blog, but if you click this you should be able to watch the snippet.

My mind is tuckered out from all that wandering so I shall call it a blog day. I wonder where the expression “tuckered out” came from …

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