Blog break

It finally happened. My head finally exploded.

My afternoon’s labors have been spent on the project from hell, a tech writing job on which I cannot or, at least should not, elaborate. Let me just say it is quite mentally taxing.

I have a little bit more to do today on the project but I thought I would take a break before I go bat s**t crazy. So I walked outside a few minutes ago. They started back renovating a house across the street that they were renovating when I first moved in. I can’t remember if they stopped before Hurricane Rita or after Rita but they just recently started working on the house again. Some kind of machine was going over there, a saw or some other contraption with a high-pitched, irritating sound that almost made me as bat s**t crazy as my work assignment. The worker bees across the street were shouting, I suppose so they could be heard over the noise. I’m not sure what they said since I know very little Espanol. I think they either said: “You go inside and shut off that damn saw or I will hit you with a hammer,” or “The sparkle in your eye only matches the beauty of your smile.” Damned if I know.

Oh well, break time’s over. Everybody back on their heads.

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