Old Stinky rides again

Osama bin Joe Bob returns from the dead.

The news today is that Osama made a video and that the CIA says it is really him speaking. And he supposedly wants a truce. I really see that happening.

I am really surprised that, if he really is alive, the United States military has not yet captured him. Osama is not in the best of health, reportedly, and you got to figure if he’s been hiding out in the rugged Afghan or Pakistani mountains then he probably hasn’t been living large.

I’m sure all sorts of explanations exist why Osama has not yet been caught. But I would think at some point in time his smell would give him away. I just figure the man has got to have some B.O. if he has been living in the mountains all these years. I mean, there probably are places to take a bath but you wouldn’t want to do it outside, even at night lest a drone launch a Hellfire missile up your butt. Odor is a pretty noticeable thing and a big, stinking beanpole should stick out at the very least. Yet he remains elusive. That’s all I’m saying.

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