Breaking News and more or less.

It’s lunch time! I have been in training all morning and when I stood up to leave the room I felt as if something had stolen a great portion of my butt. That hasn’t happened, yet, at least. Back in my room, CNN has breaking news about a tour bus explosion in Bulgaria. Apparently, Israeli tourists were killed. The Israeli defense leader Ehud Barak is blaming Iran. It’s still too early to tell.

Meanwhile, the Republican Veepstakes go on. Willard is in Ohio. Bobby Jindal is campaigning for Romney in the Buckeye State as is Jeb Bush. Could it be? Can we breathe? What’s your favorite color? It’s all one and the same. The media has their short lists. They could all be wrong. Buzz. Buzz. For Joseph Smith’s sake Mittens J. Willard, pick someone. Pick anyone. Get all this silliness over with to make room for more silliness.

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