Budget settled for a few months at least.

The budget “showdown” is over for now, thank goodness. With a little luck Congress should have the fiscal year’s budget ready for the president’s signature by Saturday. Then, in less than six months, the fiscal year will end. What a national government!

Having gone through Friday night’s insanity and that of months before between the two parties playing games with people’s lives over the budget, I have a couple of thoughts:

First, if you think that all the so-called “drama” which led up to a budget deal averting a government shutdown only an hour before deadline was pure political drama, think again. What it was was pure government horse pucky.

Second, if you think the government budget battle culminating late Friday evening was strictly about the budget, think again some more. It was all about pure government bull pucky.

Whether it be horse or bull manure, or from a donkey or an elephant for that matter, the so-called dramatic “budget battle” was just a matter of political parties posturing and playing puerile pursuits — for alliteration’s sake. At least the president cleverly had the ability to make it appear he was sitting on the sides acting the grownup’s part. Although as has been the case in several of Obama’s important decisions over the past year I felt his leadership was disappointing.

Nonetheless, Obama came out looking  well to the majority of the public and I think that is good because I don’t see anyone else in the offing in either the Democratic or Republican crop for 2012 who look capable of running the country other than the incumbent.

What? Am I saying Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president? Exactly, I wouldn’t let Donald Trump run a crawfish race.