Burning at both ends and smoking in the middle

How exactly does burning a candle at both ends work? I’ve never really tried because lighting one end always was a great enough expense of energy for me. And I like candles so what does that tell you?

The old saying “burning the candle at both ends” implies a sort of double-edged energy that flames out way past the normal bounds of exertion. What does that mean? I wish the hell I knew. Still, I can’t help but think that how I am feeling at this moment could be a classic, textbook example of someone who has burned his/her candle at both ends. No, that doesn’t mean I’ve set anything on fire. Not yet at least. It just means I’m tired. I’m spent. I want to sit and do nothing. But I have work I sorely need to dig into a little more this evening. What shall I do? What SHALL I do? I shall opt for nothing. Nothing is good. Nothing is the cat’s lingerie. I will sell no nothing before its time. Oh just shut the hell up will ya? Okay.

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