What's with the stapler?

That’s a good question. I don’t know. Honestly. I felt like I needed a photo on this post, but I could be wrong. It is a rather hungry-looking stapler. Don’t you think?

This is just a break in my busy schedule. I don’t think I have ever been so busy and yet so poor. I have been tech writing away or, should I say, I have been tech researching away today. I am ready to cease and desist. But alas I cannot because the wolf has slipped in past my door and now is eating the raw spaghetti in my cupboard and drinking the last of my cabernet. Damn wolves. You can’t live with ’em … Tomorrow I have a freelance assignment near my old hometown. It will be nice to get out for a little while. Just as it is nice to stop and take a break to blog and kind of bang the cobwebs loose from my brain. Trouble is, I now have to vacuum them off the floor. The cobwebs, not my brain (hopefully).

I might post more later today. I might not. I’m just kind of that way. I never said I was perfect.

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