Bush: Stop the leaks! Make it all go bye-bye.

One almost has to feel sorry for Gee Dubya. I said almost. I didn’t mean one should actually feel sorry for the president of these United States. But it seems like his world, which has been the scene o one disaster after another it seems, continues to crumble around him.

For instance, Bush is obsessed with secrecy. He hates leaks almost as much as he hates reporters. But nothing short of torture has been able to deter leaks from various sectors of the government about various problems under King George’s watch, making Bush seem impotent. The latest instance of Gee Dubya’s ass being handed to him is the leak of the National Intelligence Estimate in which portions released to the media indicate that the war in Iraq is a recruiting poster for Al-Quida.

Today, Bush announced that he has ordered at least a portion of the intelligence document to be declassified. Supposedly this executive summary to be released will make the eloquent case for Bush to his detractors to wit: “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

Of course, there was the Bush-bashing last week from Hugo Chavez; from that guy from Iran whose name I can’t spell, much less pronounce; and from Billy Joe Bob Clinton.

Next, a new crop of generals are denouncing how the administration is fighting the Iraq war and Donald “Hettie Green” Rumsfeld. It’s sooooo early 2006, but I bet it’s really starting to piss off Gee Dubya because his skin is about as thin as my bank account.

Other not-so-good news for either Bush or the country includes the news that the tours of duty for some 4,000 troops will be extended in Iraq. News reports also indicate that the Pentagon needs about 60,000 more soldiers and the Army chief of staff is saying “why bother?” when it comes to submitting a budget. Jeez Louise!

It seems just like it’s a stream of never-ending bad news for the Dubya-in-chief. But, while some cheering may be taking place about these misfortunes among the opposition, there really is nothing to cheer for in all of this. It’s a freaking mess, plain and simple. Perhaps if the media reported all happy news this wouldn’t be so depressing. I know that is likely what many of Bush’s true believers feel. Wish it away. Wish it away. Make it all go bye-bye.

Maybe Gee Dubya just needs to get him a good bottle … of Stop Leak.

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