Butt out

This morning I walked across the street to get my morning coffee for 17 cents but it ended up costing 64 cents. The reason was the clerk was on the phone and I decided not to bother her and tell her I had brought my own cup which would have normally cost $0.17 (US). I had the money though and I like the lady working there and so I just paid the full price. My generosity aside, I looked up at the sign near the counter and saw prices for packs of Marlboro and Camels, or whatever, it wasn’t like the really cheap cigarettes. Nevertheless, the highest price for the smokes were $4.25 a pack. I am just grateful each time I see those signs and the month of October rolls around that in October 2000, I quit smoking, as far as I know, for good.

Although I have had some edgy times over the past two years, I have only had millisecond flashes of wanting to smoke a cigarette and in my dreams I have always resisted them. After smoking for about 27 years, I think that is cig-nificant. Okay, just shoot me for that one.

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