Can you take the “Congress” out of the “man” selected by Mittens the Android?

It has been a long frustrating day but I thought I would say a few words about the presumptive GOP nominee for vice president. Wonk. Wonk wonk. Wonk wonk wonk.

What was Romney thinking? He picks a veep candidate who is only slightly more up tempo than the presumed Republican nominee himself. It’s hard to call Rep. Paul Ryan “a game changer.”

Ryan is what a College Republican looks like all grown up: A bit pasty from being cooped up inside those Capitol office buildings all his life. You certainly can’t say Ryan is a yang to Romney’s ying although some might say both were of the yang type.

Paul Ryan seems to be bright and articulate. He seems, to me at least, as dull as a convenience store doughnut. The Ryan budgetary genius might create a hefty amount of animus among seniors due to his plan to gut Medicare. In Mitt Romney one finds a moneyed android who might fall into a million pieces were he to discover a true emotion. Ryan comes across as much more the human partner of this pair. Unfortunately, the congressman cannot outrun the “Congress” which is a part of the man. The American people care for Congress about the way they do for, say, French mimes.

In other words, nice choice, Gov. Romney!

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