Catch the crook who robbed my bank

This week I am out of town — until I take that little ol’ jet airliner back to Houston and ride a shuttle bus back to Beaumont. If I would have waited until Monday I could have flown from Beaumont directly to Dallas, where I am currently hanging out. Instead I had to fly this past Monday so I took a little bus to Houston and a way too narrow jet to Dallas.

It seems once again as I am away the whole town turns to crap. It isn’t as though I could do anything about it though. No, I  seriously speak of yet another bank robbery. What is this, the fifth one in the Golden Triangle of SE Texas area lately? There was about four in Beaumont and one in Vidor. I think police nabbed a suspect in two of the robberies.

Now once again another robbery took place. This was at my banking company, not necessarily my bank. Police said a man who said he had a gun, walked into the VVBA Compass Bank at 2635 Interstate 10 East in Beaumont, and demanded money.

“I demand money, damn you!” is what he said. No, not really. I mean, I don’t know what he said. He could have used signing for all I know.

The bandit was given what police say was an undetermined amount of money. I am sure it was determined fairly quickly. It is just the bank and police — mostly the bank I imagine — don’t want you to know how much money was stolen. The thief then ran east on foot. Well, probably on two feet to be exact. The Beaumont Police say they are looking for the alleged crook as are the FBI.

If you see the robber, call somebody. Preferably, the police or Crime Stoppers.

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