Cheer up! Someone benefits from your misfortune

After taking a final bag of my ex-sig-other’s personal belongings to FedEx it occurred to me that society must benefit from failed relationships much more than we think.

A case in point is this bag of photos, videos, etc. which I shipped to Indiana this morning. A tab of $27.50 for this small shipment nonetheless contributes to the wheel of industry. Everyone and their dog gets a penny or two just because I made an errant choice in finding a girlfriend. The mail store gets their share, the box manufacturer, FedEx, the truck driver, the petrochemical industry, of course, shrinks, Dr. Phil, etc.

Just a couple of weeks ago I took some of her clothes she left behind to Goodwill. She had a few good things in the bunch, certainly a couple of nice coats which will keep someone warm this Winter, no matter that one nice jacket has a girl’s name embroidered on the breast.

This must sound like I am trying to find the bad among the dismal to which I must readily confess. But really, I have already sorted out my feelings long ago and saw how I came out way ahead in this mess. More, I am just hoping to throw out a general sentiment of there being good to come from that what is not good, at least in some cases. I am sure you already know that but it doesn’t hurt to have someone remind you every now and then.

So consider yourself reminded. Now go back to sleep.

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