Clinton e-mail saga will continue at least until she finishes her first term.

If I never agree with another remark made by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I  will certainly vote “aye” to what he told Hillary Clinton during a Democratic presidential primary debate: “I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails!”

Yes, give Bernie a hand for that zinger.

After the FBI document dump today of notes made during that agency’s Hillary Clinton e-mail handling while she was secretary of state, I am convinced those “damn e-mails” will continue as a source of scorn by the GOP right even up until the end of her first term as president. The link above allows one to see these notes on their own, that is if they have several cups o’ joe or Red Bull handy to keep them awake.

I tried reading every word of the investigation notes set in two sections by the FBI. It comes to almost 60 pages of tightly-packed information. Well, that is minus the 10 or so pages which are, I suppose, Top Secret.

"Look! It's one of Hillary's e-mails!" Official FBI photo. Caption by EFD.
“Look! It’s one of Hillary’s e-mails!” Official FBI photo. Caption by EFD.

Shortly after these documents were released so were critical comments by “surrogates” of the GOP presidential candidate. If you’ve read this blog during the last month or so, you will know that I do not name the Republican candidate. I listened to the surrogates and others on CNN begin talking over each other before the ink was hardly dry on the FBI notes.

One fact that can be taken away from reading these notes is that much of the time is spent talking tech-ese about computers and servers and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, or SCIFs. Not only there is heavy tech jargon but a good does of lawyer-speak can be found.

Frankly, I don’t know how much can be made from these pages by either reporters or surrogates during a short period of time. Yes, Clinton said she didn’t remember a lot when it comes to conversations or e-mails. She did mention in the interview her concussion and blood clot in 2012 although it really isn’t clear whether Clinton is giving that temporary impairment as a reason for memory lapses. It really doesn’t matter to the Republican right. Just the mention will make the right attack machine go batshit on the Clinton health conspiracy.

One must also remember Clinton left the State Department more than three years ago. Hell, I forgot what happened this morning. So if Clinton is a normal senior at age 68, then I think those with a little experience and insight might give her the benefit of the doubt.

I think some, if not many, in federal employment will tell you — at least those who deal daily with some level of confidential material — mandatory training is given every year in information security. That would kind of hint that the average worker will forget some of that training each year.

Hopefully, when the presidential debates begin we  might finally move onto some issues that matter to the electorate. That is, if the GOP candidate isn’t too chicken to attend.

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