Hair today. Hickey danger. GOP guy in Mexico.

UPDATE: 5:30 p.m., CNN announced that a report from Reuters said the Mexican president told the GOP candidate that Mexico would not pay for the “wall.” A border wall and having Mexico pay for it has been the central issue in the candidate’s campaign. He told the press this afternoon in Mexico City where he met with the Mexican president that the two had discussed the wall but did not discuss who will pay for it. Not surprising, a lie from the despicable candidate. Too bad the Mexican president didn’t say it while answering about four questions from the press.

While awaiting remarks about the idiot GOP candidate for president and the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, I have decided to do a little stream of consciousness here.

Attention young lovers: There is now evidence that, no matter the passion of the moment, hickeys aren’t a good thing. Speaking of Mexico, reports that a 17-year-old Mexico City youth died of a stroke that was caused by a hickey. Wow. That’s kind of scary.


Also scary, I had my first pedicure yesterday at a local cosmetology school. But even more out of character for me: I had my first haircut in some 16 years. Here is my reasoning.

My avoidance of the shears stems from price but also I kept a hairstyle that didn’t require a trim. The price of a haircut was way more than I wanted to pay around the turn of the century. That’s the 21st century. A cut these days are even more costly. But practicality was probably the main reason for the shaved head.

Since my male pattern baldness reached its peak around age 40 or so, shaving my head seemed like a pretty reasonable hair style for me. The shaved head wasn’t considered exceptionally weird back then, so I would shave my head every other day. Lately, I just became tired of the hassle. I grew what hair I had for a few weeks. It looked like crap on a stick. I then used my shears to cut the hair close enough where shaving my head would not be significantly difficult. I had gone without a shave of my head for about two weeks up until yesterday. Most recently, to paraphrase David Crosby, I almost cut my gray-white hair. But then I had an idea.

I have been growing a beard since using an electric shaver for several months. The contours of my face, I noticed, after a few days was so that I might have a pretty good beard — a Van Dyke of sorts — in the making. So, I let my beard grow out. Along with my hair needing a trim, my beard needed one as well.

It's a beard, by damn!
It’s a beard, by damn!

I have diabetes so I have to be careful with my feet. Yes eight feet deep has to take care of his feet. This is especially so since during the last year or I have had a couple of toenails removed and hammer toe surgery. So, a nurse told me that I should get a pedicure and could get one at a decent price at local cosmetology schools. That is what I did.

The same student, a friendly young lady, did both the haircut and the pedicure. She did a really phenomenal job. My feet still feels good from the foot job. And both the spa pedicure and haircut cost only $23. I think I will begin going back once a month. So …

La CucarachaLa CucarachaLa CucarachaLa Cucaracha

Okay niños y niñas, the Mexican president Peña Nieto  and the GOP presidential candidate-jerk are about to speak. Here they go.

The Mexican president talked about the importance of  NAFTA in both countries. Forty percent of materials imported into Mexico are made in the U.S., Nieto said. He also said that his responsibility is the welfare of Mexicans, both in Mexico and elsewhere. Implicit in those remarks were Mexicans who are in the United States.

The candidate for president repeated many of his contentions he has made through his campaign. Perhaps the central plank in his run for president is to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and to make Mexico pay for it. He said that the wall was discussed. But in some questions from the press , GOP guy admitted:

“Who pays for the wall? We didn’t discuss that.”

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, speaking on CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper called the GOP candidate “a hypocrite.”

The candidate gives his big foreign policy speech tonight in Arizona where he will be welcomed by his good buddy, sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. I honestly wonder how this d**khead keeps getting elected as he did during the Republican primary yesterday in Arizona. Arpaio has admitted to contempt of court charges for ignoring a federal judicial order. Too bad he wasn’t put in his own jail, in a tent.

What a day off this has been for me. Hopefully, American voters will see through all this bull***t from the candidate, whom I still will not give his name a mention.


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