Clinton: No charges that we’ll hear about until infinity

Without a doubt I am likely missing a “talking-head fest” on CNN or other cable outlets right now. I could turn my television on in perhaps a flat two seconds, maybe a shorter period of time. But I ask myself, why?

One wouldn't want Hillary as your IT director. But she isn't going to jail, at least anytime soon. Government photo
One wouldn’t want Hillary as your IT director. But she isn’t going to jail, at least anytime soon. Government photo

Unless the President, who is on the campaign trail with presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, made some serious gaffe or in a moment of excitement decided to expose himself “in front of God and everybody,” the topic will likely be Hillary.

FBI Director James Comey made a step-by-step statement this morning concerning what government investigators found in their long investigation over e-mails used and sent by former  Secretary Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But, said the FBI director — a Republican appointee of George W. “GW” Bush — there was nothing found in the investigation into Clinton’s e-mails other than carelessness. Certainly, nothing was found that would make a prosecutor want to proceed with criminal charges against the presidential candidate.

Of course, GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump cried foul six ways to Sunday. “The system is rigged,” whined Trump.

Trump surrogates and mouth pieces lit into the decision that most likely means Clinton will unlikely face any charges into faulty e-mail practices. And probably into the next General Election will we hear all kinds of complaints about Clinton and the “damn  e-mails,” as Independent/Democrat U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said during his campaign against Clinton for the D nomination.

But we will continue to hear about the e-mails and Benghazi from now until who knows when.

Well, I have just enough time to do a quick edit on this before I turn on the local news to see if our local TV reporters are better today than they were yesterday in covering what’s happening in our area. There’s always hope. But hope doesn’t get ya ratings!!!

Boy, do I really need a life.

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