Como se dice "knee jerk?"

Cute little Hispanic girls with grand designs to overthrow the United States and make tacos our national food.

Somehow I will try to refrain from calling government leaders in Farmers Branch, Texas, a bunch of bigoted morons. I do this not because I applaud their passing of strict anti-immigrant ordinances. Rather, at some point in time I might be called upon by some publication to write about the issue.

I know for a fact that white, bigoted morons are not the only people who want such sanctions against illegal immigration. I have homegrown Hispanic friends who feel the same way. A lot of people don’t want their tax dollars spent on social services and education for illegal Hispanics whose families, in return, send their money back home to their families in Mexico or other Hispanic-dominated countries. Some rant and rave that the open border provides ready-made escape hatches to the U.S. and are conduits for would-be terrorists. Sure, it’s something to worry about but if smart Americans could put their heads together, they could come up with at least a palatable solution to that problem.

But sometime I think this animosity against Hispanics by some in the U.S. is nothing more than racism. Let’s face it, some white folks feel Mexicans are okay as long as they keep pounding shingles on the roof or mow their yards. Otherwise … There too has been this condescending attitude by the U.S. toward Latin American states for eons. A good example of this would be the Monroe Doctrine which kept U.S. forces busy for many years in lovely places such as Cuba. I always wondered what happened to the Monroe Doctrine during the Falklands War between the U.K. and Argentina? Hmmmm.

What has taken place in Farmers Branch is just an extension of American history. If the people of the country and their elected leaders had truly wanted to stem the tide of immigration from the south, don’t you think it would have already been done? Remember FDR’s internment camps for the Japanese Americans during World War II?

Many U.S. citizens go for the knee-jerk rather than consider what brought us to where we are and determining where me might go from here. Congress passed a law for a big fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. It doesn’t matter that there are no funds to build it. The masses are asses, that is the thought our elected officials send us. Mexican and other nationals are certainly welcome to fight and die in our wars, blow leaves off our yards and cook us enchiladas in our favorite Mexican restaurant. But dammit to hell, we need to send them ol’ boys and girls back to Mexico because we are Ah-Merh-cuns, by God.

Oh well, just something to think about. Hasta la vista, baby.

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