Does a bear eat in the woods?

I am taking a break from yet another bout with tech writing. I don’t know if I have taken a break for the day or just for a little while. It is very easy to talk myself into taking the rest of the day off. I have put in a good seven solid hours of work today, give or take a few minutes here and there to stretch and watch it rain.

Does my revelation excite you? Well, if it does then perhaps you should be eaten by a bear. And really I say that in a good way. You know, life would maybe be more exciting for you if you were eaten by a bear. Maybe exciting is not the right word. Terrifying? Dead? Six of one, half dozen of eggs over easy.

In reality I would not want anyone who reads this to be eaten by the bear. Let me just establish that fact for the record. So if you see on some blog somewhere or on Bill O’Reilly or some other Nazi f**k’s wingnut show that EFD is advocating people should be eaten by bears it isn’t true. It isn’t true except I’m kind of torn, no pun intended, about whether O’Reilly should be eaten by a bear. No, I’m sure it would be tragic if O’Reilly was eaten by the bear. It might be tragic for the bear, although I don’t think a bear would eat him. But if a bear did eat O’Reilly, do you think that would make it as the most ridiculous item of the day on his TV show?

No, I don’t think anyone deserves the fate of being eaten by a bear unless you are bear prey then you are on your own. But I reserve the right to change my mind.

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